Monday, August 8, 2011

No more dropping your camera!

My camera is one of my most precious items that I own. It's just a point n shoot, but taking pictures with it brings me so much joy. I take tons of pictures of my kids every single day and wouldn't want to live without it. Last summer, I accidentally dropped it and it fell down the cement steps of my back porch. It seemed to bounce off the stairs in slow motion as my heart sank.

It was so damaged that I had to use my older camera- which was not nearly as responsive as the current camera I was using, and didn't take nearly as nice of pictures. I really, really missed my camera. When Christmas came, my husband surprised me with my camera! He had sent it off to get repaired and it was fixed as good as new. I totally cried! I had missed it so much.

I vowed to myself that I would never again drop my camera. So.......... I found this great point n shoot neck strap on Etsy and I HAD to get it! Not only would it keep me from dropping my camera, but it would allow me to have my camera on me while I have my kids in tow doing activities... because when you're holding a kid and chasing one, it's hard to just use the traditional wrist strap. It's also very hard to find a neck strap for a point n shoot camera, until I found this Etsy seller who makes them!

I have to share with you, because it's been a great purchase and I highly recommend to anyone, especially Mom's who love taking pictures but have their hands full. They are cute too, and there are many patterns to choose from........... enjoy!

Camera strap - Point n Shoot Neck Strap