Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Roblox gift card discount!

If you are a Costco member and have a kid who loves Roblox, look no further!  You can get discounted cards online!  They have three options: One $50 card for $44.99, four $25 cards for $89.99, or one $100 card for $89.99.

Within 2 days you will receive the gift card code by email - talk about no-hassle!  There is also, no shipping fee, since it's a digital download, saving you time and gas.

Once I received the code, I created my own card for my son and wrote a note to him with the code, put it in a box with some fun confetti, wrapped it, and it's ready to go.  

Now you can skip the extra trip to Costco for Roblox cards, and do it right from home.  Enjoy and Merry Christmas!!

Link for Roblox cards