Monday, November 19, 2018

Great Dairy-Free Alternative for Cool-Whip

I threw a birthday party for my husband this past weekend and because I have recently gone dairy-free, I needed an alternative to my usual fruit dip that normally contains yogurt mixed with cool-whip.

I went to my local Sprouts and found this in the frozen section, near the ice cream. Just let it thaw IN THE FRIDGE for 4 hours and it's ready to serve.  Whether you are lactose intolerant or not, this Coco-Whip is so delicious! It even works frozen - scooped over fruit like you would with ice cream.

I am working on healing my gut, and dairy is really hard for our bodies to digest.  So... if you are avoiding dairy but still want that same goodness, I highly recommend trying this.  I dare to say it's even better than cool-whip.  It's pretty much the bomb, and I'm addicted.

Here  is an article about the 10 absolute worst foods for your gut (yes dairy is one of them), if you are interested in learning more about gut health.