Sunday, September 9, 2018

Technique for Administering Meds

Last February, my son got so sick with the flu.  It opened the door for some other nasty bacteria to get in and turned into peri-orbital cellulitis around his left eye.  He had to be admitted to the hospital for IV antibiotics.  Luckily he responded well to the antibiotics and didn't need to have surgery (which would have been extremely scary because he had bacteria that was close to the brain).  Luckily I got him there just in time... His doctor said we dodged a HUGE bullet.  Whew!!!

When we got home, it was overwhelming because he needed to take two different antibiotics (one was 3x a day and the other 2x a day, totaling 5 doses per day).  In between that (at least 2 hours before and after his antibiotics he needed probiotics separately so that they didn't interfere with the antibiotics, and he had to do nasal flushes 2x per day as well).

It was rough because one of the antibiotics tasted exactly like hand sanitizer (yes I tried it).  I could have opted for a liquid or a pill of that particular antibiotic.  The liquid would have been 3 full syringes for one dose.  He already had so much to take, so ... I opted for a capsule that I could mix in with something.

My kids hate applesauce, but thought it would be the best thing to mix it with.  Well when we got home and had to do it, my son barely got it down without throwing it up.  So the next time he needed it, I tried to get him to swallow a pill (for the first time) and it wasn't working.  We YouTube'd it, but the pill was kind of big and he was afraid- which I don't blame him- he had been through so much.

With the help of some friends, we finally came up with what worked.  It worked so well that he started excitedly asking me if it was time yet for his hand sanitizer medicine.  When does that ever happen?  Well this technique worked, let me tell ya! Check out what we did, in this video.  Yes, I now have a YouTube channel where I will be doing some vlogging! Here is the video.

XO Karin