Monday, February 1, 2016

Easy curls without the damage

My hair is pretty damaged but I prefer it curled rather than straight. I have been trying other ways of curling my hair without using heat. Braiding it when almost dry and then sleeping on it while braided, or twisting it up into a bun after a shower and sleeping on it. But I recently came across Savvy Curls on Instagram and decided to give it a try. It's a thermal headband you wrap your hair into and it produces curls.
I just got mine and tried it for the first time last night. You can do it when your hair is about 70 percent wet, or you can do it from completely dry hair, with some mousse. I tried it last night with about 70 percent wet hair. This morning it came out VERY curly, which is fun and I got really bouncy curls. Granted, I did have to use the flat iron a little bit, to iron out some kinks (see third picture down), but other than that I left the house with bouncy curls without using hardly any heat at all.
Next time I want to try it with dry hair + mousse and see if the curls come out looser. You can even work out with the headband on and the body heat you produce while exercising helps curl your hair. It will be fun to experiment with. I am excited to see how long the curls I did last night will last. I usually go 5-6 days between washes and when I curl my hair with an iron, the curls last 1-2 (sometimes 3) days (by day 3 they are extremely loose). So... we will see! I wanted to pass this info along to my Know It Mom followers, because the more arsenal we have when it comes to easy hair, the better, right?
Here are some pics of my first time using my Savvy Curls headband. Oh they have one headband that is a single band, or a "convertible" band that has two bands to get curls that are a little higher, and I'm guessing makes your hair even curlier than just the single. I bought the convertible band and used it as the convertible. The cool thing about the convertible is that the second band is removable so it turns into the single band. Next time, I also want to try just using it as a single band to see how it compares to using the two bands that I did this first time. The website for Savvy Curls has easy video tutorials that show you exactly how to use the headbands. Check out the headbands here Savvy Curls