Friday, April 12, 2013

The Diarrhea Buster (Smoothie)

I created a smoothie recipe today that helps with diarrhea! How exciting- haha! Because my kids have been so sick, I researched what ingredients could work in a smoothie that would help with diarrhea and that wouldn't make things worse.
Here is the recipe (I just eyeball the measurements depending on how many people I'm making them for- you can always add more as you go)
White grape juice
Yogurt with live cultures and low in sugar
Frozen strawberries
1 banana
Handful of blueberries (optional)
A few notes about the ingredients.... White grape juice (it's the ONLY juice that won't make diarrhea worse). Yogurt contains probiotics - find one low in sugar. Plain greek is always a winner. Strawberries actually help thicken stools. Bananas because they help replace electrolytes and they contain pectin which helps absorb the liquid in the intestines. Blueberries also contain pectin and have antibacterial properties.
Just a side note: applesauce contains pectin and is often suggested for helping diarrhea because of that. So applesauce is a great substitute for fruit at mealtime, or for a snack. However, apple juice does not contain pectin, so avoid it when you have diarrhea because it could make it worse.


  1. Thank you! This is exactly the kind of recipe I was looking for. Will try this tomorrow for my son!

  2. You're welcome, Jessica! Did your son enjoy the smoothie? Did it help?

  3. I use the same recipe but add carrot and fresh ginger.

  4. I use the same recipe but add carrot and fresh ginger.

  5. thank you so much
    my kid feels so much better

  6. Can not do any dairy..what can substitute?.. Can I just use the blueberries and banana..?

    1. Coconut milk or coconut water are good options