Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to get all the toys in a McDonald's Happy Meal set...... without buying Happy Meals!

My kids (and my husband and I too) LOVED The Secret Life of Pets movie. McDonald's happy meals currently have little miniature stuffed animals as the 'toy' in the meal, and they are adorable!
I took the kids to McDonalds and they were loving the Secret Life of Pets toys and wanting to go back again to get more. Sorry kids, we're not eating that many happy meals to get all of the toys in the set. So..... my husband came up with an awesome alternative . . . he found the whole set on eBay for around $23, which is much less than buying that many Happy Meals.
So . . . the next time your kids want the whole set of a happy meal toy set, check eBay! You're welcome ;)


  1. I was told that each toy is $1.90(excluding tax). This price is in Caldwell, Idaho. So, you can just go to McDonald's and buy the toys without buying a Happy Meal. Or, buy them as a set on E-Bay, as you say!

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