Thursday, June 28, 2018

Free Shoe Tying Class for Kids? Yes Please!!!

Did you know that Nordstrom offers free shoe tying classes for kids?  Well now you do!  The kids shoe department offers them on the 3rd Saturday of every month at 9:30 am (a half hour before the store opens).

My sister told me about this and said that your kids go in not knowing how to tie their shoes and they leave knowing how to.  So I took my kids and that was totally true for my son who is 8, but my 6 year old daughter didn't quite get it down, but came pretty close - she just needs a little more practice.

My son is tying his shoes now all the time by himself, helping his friends and his sister tie their shoes, and feeling proud.  When the class is over, they get a fun little print-out with instructions on shoe tying (see picture) and a fun prize bag and a balloon too.

It's free and totally worth your time to go.  Just call your local Nordstrom and speak to the kids department to get your littles signed up for this fun, free class.

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