Friday, August 3, 2018

Sun Protection on-the-go + Best Sunscreen EVER!

Sometimes, you end up outside when you didn't plan on it.  You are running errands and the kids are restless and you hit a park or you go to an activity and part of it ends up being outside, or you are planning to be outside for just a little bit and it ends up being a lot longer, etc.

I don't like being caught out in the sun for longer than expected without protection for my kids and I (and husband too), so I bought this cute travel container (see the blue/white striped bottle) at Target and I put sunscreen in it.  I tossed it, along with sunblock lip balm (Sun Bum is my fav), into a ziplock sandwich bag and keep it in my purse all summer long.

Now I won't get caught un-prepared for the sun, and none of us will get an accidental sun burn.  Although I don't think we've ever gotten one on purpose either - LOL!

My favorite sunscreen of all is DeVita.  I use the DeVita Solar Body Moisturizer for our bodies and kids' faces, and I use the Solar Protective Moisturizer for my face in the mornings- because it blends amazing under makeup.

These DeVita sunscreens received a #1 ranking (which is the highest) on the EWG (Environmental Working Group) website, where they test and review safety for sunscreens.   I always check the EWG's sunscreen guide before I buy any sunscreen.

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