Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Some tips for avoiding getting sick

To make a long story short, my son was admitted to the hospital last weekend.  I had the flu a couple of weeks ago, then my daughter got it, then my son.  His lingered and ended up turning into a very serious sinus infection and periorbital cellulitis around his left eye.  Thankfully and luckily he is on the road to recovery now, but he had to be monitored closely, have IV antibiotics, nasal sprays, etc. 

His doctor told me that we usually don’t get sick by breathing something in, we get sick from being out in public and touching things and then touching our eyes, nose, or mouth.  It’s so important to wash hands often, especially before eating.  He also said that germs tend to stick more to our shirts, and said that it's a good idea to have kids change into a new shirt when they get home from being at school all day. 

I am already a bit of a germaphobe, and its hard not to become extra paranoid about germs after your child becomes hospitalized because of sickness, but my son's doctor also stressed that we can't stop living life.  When we have challenges in life, it makes life more precious.  It's true, it's part of life.  Our trials make us stronger and that's why we are on this planet.  So be cautions but don't be so paranoid about germs that it keeps you and your family from living life. Create some good habits that will keep you and your family free of a few more germs.

My kids are already in the habit of washing their hands when they walk into the house, but now they will be implementing the new rule of also changing their shirts, during the flu season.  The flu and bugs out there this year are extra harsh, so it doesn't hurt to play it safe and do all we can to keep ourselves and our little ones healthy. 

Also keeping hand sanitizer in the car and having them use that when they hop into the car (and still washing hands when they get home) is another good rule-of-thumb.  I keep a small bottle in my purse too, and use that when we can't get to a sink for some reason.

With all the laundry we Moms do, it can also be really easy to forget to wash our kids' coats on a regular basis. Coats are hung in the mud room all the time and they are just not as visible when we are doing laundry, simply because they are not in the hamper with everything else we have to wash.

Make a little sticky note or set a reminder on your phone to wash them at least once a week because they can be a real magnet for germs.  Think about it.... the playground at recess, runny noses being wiped on the arms of their coats, and they wear them everywhere and every day during the winter.   Let's live life to the fullest and let's fight these germs at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!


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