Thursday, December 20, 2018

The Impact of Reading . . .

This shows WHY reading at least 20 minutes a day is SO important. Keep your kids reading over Christmas break, and show them this photo so that they can understand the WHY as well! 

It's incredible how important reading is.  My kids are amazing little readers, but when I found these stats on the impact of reading, I was amazed and inspired to make sure they are reading every day for 20 minutes.  

However, there are times that my kids will look at a book and get overwhelmed, so I love to take turns going back and forth reading pages with them.  That really takes the pressure off of having to read it all themselves, and it's great for them to hear you read because they hear you pause for commas and use enthusiasm, which helps them become better readers.  

I also incorporate silent reading time . . . set a timer and let everyone grab a book . . . including you!  It's a great example for kids to see their parents enjoying a good book of their own.  And often as busy parents, we don't have the time, or make the priority to read ourselves, and this will give you that time.  It's a win-win!

-Karin XO

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