Sunday, October 7, 2018

Common Sleep Problems and Tips for Better Sleep

Establishing good sleep habits for infants and toddlers is a job in itself, along with everything else a parent has to do.

All kids are so different.  My son was the best sleeper until we had a flood a few years ago, and hasn't slept the same since.  My daughter had night terrors until she was 5; waking up screaming at least twice a night, and no amount of consoling would calm her down.

Not sleeping well doesn't just affect kids, it dramatically affects parents.  I know I am a much better Mom when I get the sleep I need.  I know my kids are much happier and fight less when they get the sleep they need too.  Being a sleep-deprived zombie is no fun!

Tuck has a Parent's Guide to Healthy Sleep which is full of great tips for establishing good sleeping habits for your kids.  Check it out!


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