Sunday, October 14, 2018

Sleep Consultant

Have you heard of a sleep consultant?  Well it's a real thing!  Lullaby Little One Consulting uses a research-based program to guide your child into healthy sleep habits.  Brooke is a trained, pediatric, sleep consultant who can work with you virtually (from anywhere in the world) or in person (if you live in Oklahoma) with almost any type of sleep challenges your child is having.  She works with newborns and children up to 5 years old.

When I found out about Brooke, I was bummed because I didn't know about her when my kids were that age.  My daughter had night terrors, waking up screaming at least once, but usually twice a night until she was 5 and a half.  No amount of consoling I did would help, let's just say we were grumpy and tired for years.  Night terrors are actually a form a sleep walking and children who have them aren't even aware they are doing it.  It's a sad and frustrating thing. Oh if I'd only known about Brooke sooner!

Luckily for you, if you've got little ones, you don't have to have the same regrets that I have. Having your child professionally 'sleep trained' will not only help your child, but will help you be a better parent because you'll be getting the rest you need too.  If you are interested, Brooke offers a free 15-minute assessment call to go over the options she offers to see what would fit your situation best.

You can follow Brooke on Instagram and Facebook where she shares helpful sleep tips and offers a free, live Q&A every month.

Contact Brooke here for more information.  You're welcome.


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